chain block-JOGSOP HOIST


chain block-JOGSOP HOIST /

Hand chain hoist, also known as fairy gourd, kg does not fall, manual hoist, is a simple to use, easy to carry manual lifting machinery,

also known as "chain hoist" or "chain." It is suitable for small equipment and short-distance lifting of goods, the lifting capacity is

generally not more than 100T. Hand chain hoist shell material is high quality alloy steel, strong wear-resistant, high safety

performance. When the chain hoist lifts the heavy object, the manual chain is pulled clockwise and the hand chain wheel rotates. When

the hand chain falls down, the hand chain is pulled counterclockwise, the brake pad is separated from the brake pad, the ratchet is still

under the action of the pawl, Lifting the chain sprocket running in the opposite direction, so as to smooth the heavy lifting.

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