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Electric hoist are wire rope electric hoist, explosion-proof electric hoist, electric chain hoist, electric hoist corrosion, double-point electric hoist, mini electric hoist, electric hoist group, two-speed electric hoist and a variety of non-standard electric hoist.

Wire rope hoist with a mechanical and electrical integration design, the replacement of different molds, you can suppress different specifications of steel wire rope, control is simple, safe; check and maintain the motor convenient. Suppressed steel wire rope pull large, beautiful and fast. Crimping a set of wire rope just a few minutes to complete, greatly reducing labor intensity, improve work efficiency.

Electric hoist in use, sometimes encounter this or that problem, in order to prevent damage to the electric hoist, we need to stop working to check. There are mainly the following situations: the work place is dull and can not see the place, the status of the suspended object and the signal light; the person or floating object on the suspended object; the unsafe heavy object swing, pull or pull, pay attention to Chain not to be wrapped by cable; not old or unbalanced due to tied slipping, unloading pad between sharp edge of the heavy object and wire rope; defects or damage that may affect the safe operation of structure or components, such as failure of brake safety device, hanging Hook nut anti-loose equipment damage, wire rope, sling damage to reach obsolescence norms; Overloading or object weight is not light, such as pulling up the lifting of the weight or tension is not light buried objects, and oblique pull hanging; wired handle can not be used to pull Heavy objects, prohibited electric hoist manned, objects can not exceed the rated load and size.


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